Students Enjoying Lunch Changes

Students Enjoying Lunch Changes
Posted on 09/05/2017
Students in the Myers Elementary Lunch Line

Students Enjoying Lunch Changes

Lunch changes are being implemented at Myers this year. Grade level groups are eating in overlapping lunch periods:

Grade K: 11:15-11:45

Grade 1: 11:30-12:00

Grade 2: 11:50-12:20

Grade 4: 12:10-12:40

Grade 3: 12:30-1:00


In addition to the overlapping lunch periods, students can choose what grade level friends they want to sit with. They are also able to clean their eating area and take trays to the dish room as they finish eating. Following lunch and clean-up, students get to wait for recess teachers in talking circles instead of lines. Dr. Harpster believes the changes are positive and help students develop other skills. She adds, “We want lunch to be a positive social experience for our students where they can learn and apply important social and friendship skills. The lunch experience gives students the opportunity to sit with students in other grade-level classrooms. Too often in elementary schools, tight friendship groups occur at young ages and they are not always healthy friendships. By fourth grade, we sometimes see small groups of friends who exclude other students.”


The changes were made to provide a more enjoyable lunch experience for students. Staff are also hopeful students will get to know students outside of their classroom, expanding their friendships. The same small group of staff members are providing all lunch duties so that a high level of consistency can occur across lunch periods. Homeroom teachers are now responsible for their grade-level recess duty.


The feedback thus far from students is positive. They notice and like the changes, particularly being able to sit with grade-level peers of their choice.

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